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Products and Projects

I’ve always been pretty bad at remembering to announce things, so this is my attempt to sort of catch up on my releases and projects for the last couple months.

In August, my company released our first product, an adventure for the 13th Age Roleplaying Game called “The Pristine City.” We’re very proud of this adventure, and we’re in the process of converting it to the Pathfinder system now. We have a series of class books in the works for the 13th Age Roleplaying Game once the Pathfinder version is released, after which we’ve planned a sequel to “The Pristine City.”

More recently, I’ve just finished edits for a tabletop roleplaying game called Phoenix: Dawn Command. Rather than depending on dice as with traditional roleplaying games, this game uses cards and decks. The characters die much more often than in traditional games of this nature, but that’s the intention, since death makes the characters stronger.

Phoenix should be out early next year. It was very fun to work on, and anyone into roleplaying games should be sure to give it a shot. I might even remember to make a post to mention that it released.


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