Stacey Janssen

Your answer for freelance editing and consulting.

With over eight years editing fiction, nonfiction, games, and web, I have the experience you’re looking for in your next written project. Be it a novel, a college entrance essay, or a website, I can offer you quick, thorough editing at a competitive rate.

I’m familiar with both the Chicago Manual of Style and the AP Stylebook, and I can quickly digest your house style guide to guarantee your words look exactly the way you want.


The thing about Stacey Janssen is that at least once or twice, she’ll save your project—and she’s so proactive that you might not know there’s a crisis because she’s already solved it. Stacey’s really good about understanding the fundamental principles behind any task you give her, and that understanding makes her terrific at anticipating problems before they actually BECOME problems.
—David Noonan, Senior Writer at Motiga

I have worked with Stacey several times over the years and she is one of the best editors I’ve ever met, and is an excellent writer as well, which is an uncommon combination. Stacey is also one of the most organized people in the world. She always has a plan and always knows exactly where all the pieces are located, no matter how many projects she has been asked to juggle.
—Will McDermott, Editor at Scotsman Guide